"Attention has an energy cost, which implies that it consumes energy that could be used for physical activity."

Prof. Salvatore .Buzzelli

Hello, my name is Salvatore Buzzelli, and I am a Sports Training Methodologist, Athletic Preparation expert, and Scientific Trainer.
As an athlete myself, I understand the importance of having quick reactions and making split-second decisions on the field or court.

However, I also know how difficult it can be to improve these skills.

Many sportsmen and athletes struggle with reaction time and quick decision-making, which can negatively affect their performance and confidence.

I've seen athletes miss crucial opportunities or make mistakes because they weren't able to react fast enough.

"You don’t have to work only on reaction times to reduce reaction times." Prof. S.Buzzelli

This new Reactive and Cognitive training Method works, no matter what you’ve tried before.

This Course works no matter what experience or skill you have with cognitive and reactive training.

This Course works regardless if you are beginner, semipro or superpro (or with no reactive skills at all).

This Method works for all situational sports, fitness enthusiast, rehabilitation, neurocognitive training

This Course works whether you’re creating a workout from zero or already have one ready to go.

Physical Training in the traditional way is DEAD.… Prof. S.Buzzelli



The BIG reason this new Reactive Training works so fast and so well is because you’re NOT trying to do it the traditional way.
Thanks to my innovative Visual Reactive Training Programs + APP Millisecond, you can improve reactive ability, speed, and agility.

Thanks to breakthrough Millisecond Mobile App, there’s a new and easy way to train your Reactive and Cognitive Skills in just days (not weeks or months)

Because of my unique Methods have been developed and refined based on research and scientific evidence over the past 30 years with systematic approach to improving your reaction time.

It have been shown to be effective in improving performance, skill acquisition, and learning outcomes.

I have access to data and experiences that no one else has.

It’s really easy to see what’s working when you can see numbers across:

We also launched The Reactive Academy and many Top Atlhetes and theyr Trainer have joined us to get training and help every month.

The past few months, we’ve distilled it all into a Online Reactive Course that any Atlhetes or Physical Trainers can use to reduce reaction times and optimize physical and cognitive performances.

And we’ve also spent a significant amount of time figuring out the Millisecond Training App.


Why Join the Ultimate 5day Reaction Time Challenge!

Enchance your Team's Cognitive Performance

Everyone's cognitive performance is unique, so it's important to work with your team to identify strategies that work best for them. My Reactive Course can be a powerful guide for enhancing cognitive performance.

Reduce Reaction Time

Being alert and focused can help you react more quickly to changing situations. Following this course, you can reduce your reaction time and improve your ability to respond quickly and effectively.

Make Quick Decision

Making quick decisions can be challenging. Like any skill, decision-making can be improved with practice using the MTApp.

Speed Up your Cognitive & Reactive Performance

My Goal is provide trainees with an experiential learning opportunity that enables them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. This approach ensures that the trainee's learning is effective and long-lasting, leading to improved performance and results.

This Reactive Course + Millisecond App teach you how to Train the Brain, the Body and the Metabolism in an integrated way:

― Cognitive
― Conditional
― Coordinative
― Metabolic

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Are you ready to supercharge your mental agility and triumph in competitions?

Whether you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or a coach, our Reactivity course is designed to elevate your performance to unprecedented heights. Powered by the Coordinabolic Method and the Millisecond App, this intensive 5-day program is your ticket to mastering key concepts that truly matter in reducing reaction times. Imagine training with the same tools used by world-class champions! The core objective is to demystify reactivity, its mechanics, training techniques, and its role in peak performance. By enrolling in this course, you will:

Becomes a Champion of Reactivity'

Course Program

Download 5 days full plan
12:00 - 11:59 DAY 01

Introduction, Theoretical Foundations and Simple and Complex Reaction Tests

Introduction to the course 1.1. Presentation of Prof. Salvatore Buzzelli and his sporting history 1.2. History of the Coordinabolic Method 1.3. Who is the course for? 1.4. What is the Millisecond method and app for. The reaction time 2.1. Simple and complex reaction times 2.2. The Importance of Attention in Quick and Fair Reaction Introducing the Millisecond Application 3.1. What is Millisecond and how it works 3.2. Features and functionality of the application 3.3. How Millisecond will be used in the course Simple and complex reaction test 4.1. Assessment of participants' skills in terms of reaction      

12:00 - 11:59 DAY 03

Training plan, applications in different fields

Training plan 1.1. The step-by-step plan to get the promised results 1.2. Tailoring the plan to different skill levels and individual goals 1.3. Progress monitoring and plan adjustments over time Rehabilitation and applications in various fields 2.1. Use of the application in post-traumatic, neuromotor and disability rehabilitation 2.2. Benefits of using the application in rehabilitation


This Reactivity course is tailored for athletes, coaches, and fitness aficionados aiming for excellence.

From aspiring young talents to semi-professionals, professionals, and top-tier athletes, this course caters to all.

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Join the Ultimate 5day Reaction Time Challenge!